4 keys to overcome the fear of the dentist

Did you ever have nightmares with the dentist? If you are one of those who prayed for not having any cavities or needing appliances and you were reluctant to go through the dentist’s office, you are not alone! Perhaps your thing has to do with odontophobia, that is, the irrational fear of the figure of the dentist, which affects 15% of the population. And it is not necessary that you have had a fatal experience, but generally it is based on an unjustified fear of feeling pain.

Although a recent study by the Market Research Institute Key Stone and FENIN already points out that in 2014 almost 60% of Spaniards went to the dentist compared to 30% in 2003, there is still 40% that does not go to the dentist. And of these, 14% claim that the reason why they do not go to the dentist is not precisely money (lighter than water …). In addition, to that we must add that in Spain we are little to take care of our teeth with respect to the other countries of the EU.

The typical bad prior experience:  These are isolated cases, but if it happens, change your specialist and when you ask for a new dentist, explain the situation and evaluate with him the possibility of having an exchange of impressions beforehand. Transmit what worries you and make sure you understand it and assume this situation as part of the treatment. The health of your teeth and your health in general deserve that the specialist listens to you and knows your fears.

Fear of pain: It is part of the “urban legend” of the dentist as “sacamuelas” of the XIX and XX centuries. But … We are already in the 21st century! Preventive dentistry tries to act before a treatment is necessary, stop Mayan stories…

Anxiety:  It is generated as a result of the fear of the unknown and the unconscious prevention of someone’s urging on something internal to us, such as the mouth, with instrumental and supposedly out of our control. Nowadays it is manageable thanks to conscious sedation, which allows us to relax the patient in a way that keeps him conscious and collaborates with the professionals in the treatment. Nothing left to fear!

Fear of the puncture: If it is necessary to resort to an anesthetic, today dentists have specific training to be able to administer them without causing discomfort. Precisely the purpose of the anesthetic is to avoid pain, therefore it is not worth escaquearse your next visit, think of your teeth!