10 Tips to overcome the fear of the dentist

The dental phobia is reported to the dentist

Tell the dentist about the fears (fear of the dentist) that you suffer when thinking about the dental clinic. This information will help the dentist determine the best way to manage and deal with those fears. By sharing the information with the dentist, you will feel more comfortable when you sit in the chair for the dental review and any other dental treatment. You can overcome the fear of the dentist.


Remember that dental procedures have improved considerably in recent years. The dentistry offers new methods and options for dental treatment to make you feel comfortable.

Explain in detail the treatment

The dentist can explain the entire procedure in advance, as well as walk step by step as long as the procedure is carried out. You have the right (and must) to fully understand the work that is done on your teeth. This will help alleviate the fear of the dentist.


Consider other medications to relax. Many dentists with the support of doctors offer some medication to relax.

Sympathetic dentist

Find a dentist that is comfortable and establish a relationship of trust. Find a dentist that makes you feel at ease and is willing to work on fears. An open relationship with the medical team helps overcome the fear of the dentist.


Breathe deeply and try to relax. Some dentists recommend practicing relaxation techniques before and during the appointment. Other dentists will tell you to listen to music, or that you schedule an appointment in the morning, early in the morning, and thus prevent stress from accumulating during the day. Relaxation helps overcome dental phobia in majadahonda.

Communication with the dentist

Talk to the dentist about the arrest if you feel uncomfortable. Establish a stop sign with the dentist when you are not comfortable. This generates control of the procedure to the patient and the dentist since the alerts warn the dentist about the discomforts that the patient may feel during the appointment.

Frequent visits to the dental clinic

Visit the dentist regularly at the dental clinic to avoid future dental problems. For fearful patients, simply a routine control can twitch the nerves. If you visit the dentist at least twice a year for a dental check-up, you will surely avoid having to go through more dental treatments and fears.

Talk to the medical team

Visit the dental clinic and talk with the dentist’s aides before the first appointment. It is very important to feel comfortable meeting with the dentist and asking questions before scheduling the appointment. The dentist and his team will help you to find you comfortable and with confidence. In this way you can soften the fear of the dentist.

Step by step

Go slow. The dentists have no problem in reaching the nervous patients more patience and more slowly. If possible, make sure that the first visit is simple, such as a dental cleaning. This will help build the relationship with the dentist before going into a more complex dental treatment.