Brush your teeth – but do it right!

Brush your teeth – but do it right!

With a common toothbrush, as any dentist will tell you, the interdental spaces are difficult to reach because the large brush head always brushes several teeth at the same time. The SOLO concept is based on completely new brush shapes, which allows a cleaning of the individual tooth and the interdental spaces and thus guarantees greater dental hygiene.


To clean the teeth so-called tuft brushes are used. With these small brushes you clean each tooth individually, whereby the tooth necks are also cleaned very well. Since the application is done without toothpaste, you are not dependent on the domestic bathroom, but you can brush your teeth everywhere: in front of the TV, at the computer, in the tram…

Interdental brush

To remove plaque and bacteria from the narrow interdental spaces used interdental brushes. Their bristles also master the small inner curvatures of the tooth edges, which are less easy to achieve when using floss. The small brushes are available in different sizes, depending on the size of the interdental spaces.

Brush your teeth once a day, without the use of toothpaste and water. Who does not want to give up the fresh feeling of toothpaste, of course, can additionally brush his teeth as usual. However, especially soft brushes that do not attack the gums and enamel are recommended.